Like attractions in the area we remember Heniu Peak, Ineu Peak, Lala Lake.

There are several trails in the area, of which the most important are the following:

  1. Bârgăului Mountains – Heniu Mare Peak by Leşu village, on the logging road Arsurii Valley.

Atop Heniu Mare peak is the TV relay station that serves the northern region of Transylvania. Here opens a great view on the chain of villages in the Bârgăului valley and partly on Someș Valley and Rodnei Mountains.

  1. Bârgăului Mountains – Heniu Mare Peak (1611m) by Step Strâmba – Peak Tomnatec
  2. Rodnei Mountains – Ineu Peak (2279m), the Rotunda – Gaja Peak – Ineu Peak

On this route there are the ruins of German bunkers from World War II and the monument of Mountain Hunters. Also still on this route can be found Cemetery of the unknown soldier who died here in World War II.

  1. Rodnei Mountains – glacial lakes Lala (Lala Mare and Lala Mic), the Rotunda Step, Gaja Saddle

As a tourist attraction of this route we remember one of the largest systems in the country where the front moraine formed two glacial lakes.